For Teachers

As a parent and speaker, I understand how difficult it can be to develop entertaining as well as educational lessons for active young minds. I want to help.

The information here is to provide support for your classroom instruction. Trade books are the ideal tool to make learning meaningful across all areas of a school curriculum.

Teaching guides for each of my books are available on the publisher’s web site, in addition links of educator interest and other authors who support education are listed below.

I hope these resources prove helpful!


Wendy Martin

Author Websites with Curriculum Tie-ins

Jennifer Ward
Hope Vestergaard
Toni Buzzeo
Uma Krishnaswami

Educator Resources

International Reading Association
Green Teacher
Teacher Planet
American Library Association

Story Books
children's book by w. martin   children's book by w. martin

Spiritual Books
children's book by w. martin   Smoky and the Feast of Mabon  children's book by w. martin

Coloring Book
abc goddesses coloring book