School visits bring books to life.

An author visit brings books to life.

the author Wendy Martin read one of her booksAs an author and an illustrator I can bring a unique perspective to school visits. I have an understanding of both the written word and the visual component of books for young readers. My programs can be geared for elementary, high school or adult sessions. Students can:
• learn how an illustrator works
• learn how a picture book is made from idea to printed piece
• make their own book
• or enjoy story telling either from printed books or in a narrative format.

All my books have curriculum tie-in guides at the publisher’s website, so teachers can integrate the visits with their lesson plans.

Author/Illustrator School Visit Flyer

If you are interested in having me visit your school, I’m happy to send you a School Visit Flyer. This packet includes information about my visits, as well as curriculum activities that tie in with my books, materials for display, tips for arranging successful author school visit & book marks for students. Simply contact me directly. Be sure to include your name, your affiliation with your school and your school’s address.

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