25 books later

I received my first “order” of books from the publisher this week. I had been taking reservations for book orders since April. I had to contact the assorted buyers to get information and updates. I sent out about 2 dozen books in the last few days. I know it’s just a start. I still have a few orders that haven’t been processed.

Yesterday I took 5 copies to Books Galore here in town. The shop owner is very big on local authors, but he’ll only take books that have been traditionally published with an ISBN #. That was the first thing he checked on my book. He looked inside and was very complementary. He ended up taking 3 books on consignment.

Last Monday, my book made it’s way onto amazon.com. It has two 5 star reviews already, and amazon sales rank of 459,304. I’m not sure what that means! I am told by folks who are in the know that a rank anywhere below 100,000 is a good place to be the lower the better of course. The things that are measured in rank is views, sales, reviews and of course sales.

I am working on some new T-shirt images, a couple of logos and the usual graphic stuff. What I really want to do is get out there and sell my new book. I can’t wait for my first official royalty check. That should happen around February!