25 Kidlit Portfolio Prompts of Children

One question new and aspiring illustrators often ask me is “What should I put in my portfolio.” Another is “Is my portfolio good for kidlit?” Many need suggestions or portfolio prompts of children to get a handle on filling in their web sites.

In order to illustrate for children, one has to be able to draw children. Children moving, with a variety of facial expressions. Children alone doing something, or in a group interacting with each other, or with an adult engaged in appropriate activities. Children or different genders, abilities, ages and ethnicity is also important. Day-to-day activities as well as flights of fancy. All images in a children’s illustration portfolio should show a snippet of a story, like a snap shot in a timeline.

Here is a list of portfolio prompts of children, in no particular order, to help you get started.

  1. Brother and sister visiting a farm at the pig pen
  2. Daring child at a skate board park
  3. Play date at the local park
  4. Halloween trick or treating
  5. Learning to ride a bike
  6. Sleep-over party
  7. Sneaking the frosting off a cake
  8. Waving goodbye to a favorite playmate who’s moving far away
  9. Taking a test at school
  10. Hunting for worms
  11. Sick in bed
  12. Climbing a tree
  13. Dancing in the rain
  14. Birthday party
  15. Playing hopscotch
  16. Climbing on counter to steal cookies from the cookie jar
  17. Best friends
  18. Ballet classes
  19. Favorite stuffed animal toy
  20. In the woods with Daddy
  21. Little red wagon with big sister
  22. Kite flying contest
  23. Mean kid at school
  24. Karate class
  25. Playing super heroes

portfolio prompts of children at school

Can you think of any additional portfolio prompts for kids in action? I’ll add them to the list.