Seven hours of HD video instruction!

Adobe Illustrator taught for childrens book illustration in six videos.

Free Illustrator webinar
Click to watch the replay of the complete January 21, 2014 workshop, Children’s Book Illustration with Adobe Illustrator. Once the video starts to play you can adjust settings to HD resolution.

Vector Your Book Art!

Adobe Illustrator taught for childrens book illustration in six videos.


These recorded class sessions will get you up and running with the dazzling tools of Adobe Illustrator: Sign-up takes only 30 seconds. Scroll down for details about the video course!

Vector Your Kids’ Book Art: Adobe Illustrator for Children’s Book Illustrators

A focused course for illustrators interested in creating children’s book art in vector graphics. Recorded from the seven online sessions that I taught to 19 students in February 2014.

Seven hours of HD video instruction!Seven hours of  HD video instruction!

Let me show you, over the course of six hour-plus-long video sessions how to use Adobe Illustrator, the foremost vector image creation software to create painterly, multi-layered illustrations, either for your portfolio or your next promotional postcard mailing to children’s book art directors, editors and client prospects. Use Illustrator right out of the box or learn to create your own tools.

PDF downloadSamples of Adobe Illustrator illustrations
Download this pdf which shows examples of vector illustration art by myself and illustrators Russ Cox, Jannie Ho, Greg Matusic, Nikki Boetger, Debbie Meyer, Bob Ostrom, Mark Harmon and Echo Chernik.

PDF downloadText chat transcript
Text chat pdf from the live free workshop given on Jan. 21, 2014  includes viewers’ comments, conversation and shared resource links

What you can expect from these video lessons

  • Learn to work digitally without your art resulting in a ‘cookie cutter’ look.
  • Discover the advantages of working with scale-able vector art:
    Make images useful for multiple applications.
    Open avenues to children’s educational and licensing markets.
  • Follow the detailed step-by-step process instructions to complete a polished, personal project.
  •  I have structured the course with strategic milestones for you to meet in each lesson.
  •  Complete the class and your portfolio piece or promotional postcard at your own pace.
  •  Receive your own course completion raccoon of honor badge proclaiming your new-found skill which you can affix to your artist’s website, blog or online portfolio.

Course syllabus

  • Class Lesson 1: Create your concept art, rough pencils.
  • Class Lesson 2: Import your sketches into Illustrator and inking
    (If you are getting the 30-day trial of the software, sign up for it AFTER you are ready to begin inking.)
  • Class Lesson 3: Produce color comps, starting with flat color.
  • Class Lesson 4: Add shading and details.
  • Class Lesson 5: Pull it all together.
  • Class Lesson 6: Q&A Session with Wendy, Mark and students.

Tools You’ll need:

  • If you already have Adobe Creative Suite, you have Illustrator. If you don’t you can try it out via Adobe’s 30 Day Trial Subscription – or get the Creative Cloud Full Suite Subscription 49.95/month or Adobe Illustrator Only Subscription 19.95/month. You can easily complete the class and your promotional postcard within the 30 days of the free trial.
  • Small Wacom tablet, like a Bamboo or Intuous with a stylus or similar (recommended for best results. You can use a mouse to draw, but you won’t have pressure sensitivity functionality.
  • Scanner or smart phone or digital camera to snap photos of your pencil sketches that you’ll import into your AI software
  • Pencil and copy paper, tracing paper or sketchbook to draw on

Vector Your Kids’ Book Art: Illustrator for Children’s Book Illustrators!


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“I learned more in six hours with Wendy that I did in two years on my own, with several thick textbooks! Wendy is a wealth of information wrapped in patience. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning how to develop skills and style in Adobe Illustrator. I am unstuck, inspired and grateful!”    Lisa Roszler, Charlotte, NC

“This was a fun group of classmates AND instructors! I’ll stay tuned for any future classes that catch my interest. The webinar format really is perfect for artists with busy day-jobs, and it was very budget-friendly, too. It was definitely worth every penny. :)” See Kathryn’s final art piece and blog post about her experience of the class here.    Kathryn Powers author, illustrator and Membership Coordinator, Central Ohio SCBWI chapter 

“Wendy Martin’s Vector Your Kids Book Art is an excellent introduction to Adobe Illustrator. After the first class you will have an overall view of AI and its tools and enough technical knowledge to scan your artwork into AI and start inking! Wendy patiently explains the entire process of creating your first vector illustration; from hand drawn sketch to inking, coloring, and shading the final art. Special coloring tools such as the gradient and blend tools are explained and demonstrated in great detail. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get started in AI as quickly as possible!”    Cindy Artman, St. Charles, MO

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