Daily Doodle 10 29


I was trying to do a young boy with this grumpy face, but it turned into an old woman. She looks like how I feel when I wake up to start my day on these dark mornings. I can’t seem to get my eyes opened for want of trying.

I’ll be glad when the time change happens this weekend. At least the sun will have a half a chance to be up when we are. I say half, because it hasn’t stopped raining for any length of time all month.

Last night my DH asked if I wanted to go hiking with him in the woods. I said okay even though I am afraid it will be cold and wet and not at all pleasant. But he wants to be out in the fall colors and I want to be with him. So there you have it.

I have to put on my CASA cape this afternoon. I am going with my GAL lawyer out to visit my child in the new foster home. Seems the cases I get assigned are anything but ordinary. Still, I have to remind myself I am doing a good thing and I will be getting brownie points for helping the child to be safe and happy.

Next week I have to jump full throttle into the art for my next book. Sadly, I am still awaiting final edits. I will forge ahead any way and hope the edits don’t change too much of the book, I am running into crunch time and don’t want to miss my deadline. Already my family is teasing me about working 27 hours a day 8 days a week. I wonder if this is the norm in publishing or only with my house.