Daily Doodle 6-20-09 Texture/Pattern

Texture and Pattern
Texture and Pattern

I decided to use the lesson plan in ‘Keys to Drawing with Imagination’ by Bert Dodson. I bought this book a number of years ago because I felt my images were ‘ordinary’ and I wanted to make them extra-ordinary. (Always aiming higher) Chapter One in the book is titled Doodling and Noodling. It is a two step process. He tells the reader to draw a shape by ‘taking a line on a walk.’ Basically, the pen has to end up at the same place it started. He has the artist do this 6 times and then the noodling is to fill in the shapes with patterns.

This exercise took me an hour (maybe I need a smaller sketch pad?) so I combined the 19th and 20th into one post.

What do you think?