Dar Williams and Girlyman

I went with my husband Wednesday night to a concert at the Pageant. We were seated 6th row center stage. The opening act, a band called Girlyman was very good. We bought both of their CDs and got the covers autographed by all the band members. They were very young, early tweinties, and appeared to be having the time of their lives. They mentioned that this was their first tour. I would be suprised if they don’t become the headline act on their own tour sometime soon.

Dar Williams was wonderful as well. The best part of the whole evening was being out with my husband without various children, family members, chores or work related things to occupy our time. I think that happens about once a year!

Next weekend is the Missouri Chapter of the SCBWI Fall Conference. I have been asked to introduce one of the guest speakers. It is such a thrill to “have arrived” and be one of the folks people think of to do this sort of thing. I am very excited about going to what is basically my first children’s book conference. I am hoping that I can make it to one of the national conferences sometime soon.