Final art for Snow White via Manga Studio

copyright 2010 Wendy Martin
final art with text laid in

I finished up the last few details yesterday. Then I imported the image into Photoshop to make it print ready.

I am very pleased with the ease of which I learned the basics in Manga Studio EX. Most of the tutorials I was able to access on the web were either too basic or not detailed enough. I am still hunting for some that fill my needs. The majority of the videos utilize true Manga style art, and the process I use for layering in color is not typical for most of those artists.

My next attempt will be with the vector tools, which, from my investigations, seem to only be good for line work. Further digging will be needed.

Sadly, the colors were VERY off when I printed the image out in CMYK mode. Either my monitor is in desperate need of calibration or my printer is horribly out of whack. The other option could be the program but since the colors look very different from the printed image in all programs, I have to go with one of the first two.

I laid in the text and crop marks in Illustrator because I find that program has the crispest lettering when output. This will be used as a new promo postcard slated for the October mailing. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Final art for Snow White via Manga Studio”

  1. This turned out great. I have been following your updates on Twitter. Amazing all the different programs you utilized to generate the final product. It all sounds so overwhelming for this old-fashioned, do it by hand girl.

    Really wonderful piece and should garner you great results.

    • I am an old-fashioned girl myself. The programs are just different tools. If you look at it that way, they aren’t quite as overwhelming. I still prefer using my pencil and paints. 😀

  2. Very nice details and colours in the illustration.
    Never used Manga studio but does it have a cmyk working mode? I know photoshop does.
    I have had in the past colour print problems and the printer’s ink was the culprit.

    • The color selection in Manga Studio seems to be less sophisticated than the ones in Photoshop. I think the program is really meant for line art and tone work more than color. Images would need to be exported in any case to send to printers in a common file type like tiff, eps, or jpg since Manga Studio has its own file extension.

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