Happy New Year coloring pages

Happy New Year coloring pages2013 is in the last few days. I tend to get introspective during the winter holidays. This is a time when many are making New Year’s resolutions (NYRs). I don’t specifically make resolutions on New Year’s Day, I tend to work on a yearly plan.

I’m actually pretty pleased with my 2013 progress through last year’s plan. I hit almost all of my goals professionally, and the ones I didn’t hit are either in process or nearly completed.

I had some things that could be considered NYRs. Mainly, to focus and simplify my life.

Like many artists, I’m often enticed into new projects and materials in spite of the already long list of projects I want to accomplish. It’s a constant battle for me to stay focused.

I’m rather proud of myself for the focus I was able to maintain for most of 2013. I finished a number of years old projects before beginning new ones. I avoided buying new materials or snazzy art supplies that I didn’t really need, but wanted to try because they looked like fun. My promise to myself to stay focused on the path set before me, rather than following every single little side road was easier to accomplish this year than in the past.

As a result, I made more new art, was prouder of the art I made and feel more grounded in my career goals. I have to give things up. I can’t do it all. It’s only taken me most of my adult life to get this.

I won’t be making new resolutions for 2014, the ones I made in 2013 are still works in progress, but since they aren’t finite in nature that’s fine by me.

Hope everyone has a wonderful end of the year celebration and I’ll see you next year with more helpful posts!