Heading East

All things being equal, it’s always the shoemaker’s child that goes without shoes.

It would seem that blogging is a good idea, but actually finding time to sit down and blog is an issue for me. I have to figure out how to add it to my schedule. Perhaps I need to blog first and then check my e-mail. I get so much SPAM and belong to so many yahoo groups and bulletin boards it can eat up several hours reading and responding to all the messages.

Here is an image comp I sent to a T-shirt manufacturer. They declined it as not fitting their needs at this time. I like it though.
Kauai, Hawaii

I spent most of the week tying up loose ends so I could have a some free time to paint and draw. Trouble with loose ends is that they quickly come unraveled. I did manage to cross off a majority of my to do list. That is something. Of course, all the things I didn’t do still need to be done. They will have to wait.

This coming week I will concentrate on my family and use my new travel watercolor kit. I will also try very hard to chill out before starting in on my new book. (I already have a publisher interested in the manuscript.) Everything is all packed except for car snacks. Woot.