Home Again, Jiggidy Jig!

We had a wonderful week. Drove straight home from Connecticut in 20 hours, stopping only to fill up our bellies or the gas tank.

I am still somewhat tired from the drive. Of course, there is the inevitable fires that need putting out, plus there were nearly 500 messages in my inbox. Sorting through them took most of last evening. Out of the nearly 500, I ended up with only 30 that weren’t SPAM. I can tell you most emphatically that I didn’t miss that in the least.

I will post a few rough pencil sketches from the trip later on today. I got a call shortly after we returned last night asking me to go in to the “day job” today. Seems the other artist has had a family emergency and they have been without any art department for all of last week. Eek.

Here I go jumping back into the fray with both feet!

It’s good to be home.