Illustrator Bob Ostrom says follow your dream

bob-ostrom-in-studioThis month I have a little something special. A vlog interview with illustrator Bob Ostrom. Sadly, the video portion of our recording didn’t come out for some reason, but Bob, being the technical wizard he is, cobbled together some images for you to look at while you listen to us chat about his career in kidlit.

Illustrator Bob Ostrom created art his first children’s book almost 25 years ago. He began his career in children’s licensing and eventually moved on to creating his own characters and stories. Bob is an extremely prolific artists who’s work has been featured in well over 200 books and publications.

Aside from illustrating children’s books Bob also teaches classes in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. You can find him teaching in and around Raleigh NC at Wake Tech Community College. Bob has recently begun offering online classes and online tutoring sessions for artists at his brand new site BobTeachesArt.com. For more info on Bob and his art you can also find him at BobOstrom.com

Other places you can find Bob: