IMC Day 7 Not impossible just improbable. I did it!

Illustration Master Class 2012 Tristan and IslodeI FINISHED the piece in spite of a less than optimum technical set-up.

I am absolutely amazed and gratified at the results of this intensive week. My painting finally looks like the art I have often admired but failed to achieve.

I didn’t actually hear much “new” information during the numerous lectures. Ninety percent of the hints and tips and tricks are things I have read or heard before. The difference was that immediately after hearing the info, I was able to implement it and if I ran into trouble taking theory into practice, there were a dozen fellow students ready, willing and able to help me “get it.” On top of that, the instructors are absolutely amazing, giving and will sit down and SHOW the technique and how your piece can look to be more successful. I feel as if ever single penny I spent for this week was well worth it. I got my money’s worth and then some.

My foot in mouth disease continued yesterday afternoon. The early lecture was given by Ruben Pfeffer and Jeff Mack. They shared Jeff’s journey from unknown to published pro. Afterwards, there was a question and answer period. Ruben mentioned the SCBWI and said he opened to submissions at their conferences. So being bold, I asked if he would offer the IMC students the same opportunity.

He actually groaned and hid his face in his hands. I wanted to crawl under my seat as the entire class of 100 echoed his groan. He said he’d think about it. The Q&A continued for another 10-15 minutes when he said if any of us wanted to sub to him, he would accept manuscripts until June 30. What an amazing opportunity. I’m still a bit embarrassed, but on the up side, he’s not likely to forget the little lady in bright red who put him on the spot at IMC. And you can be sure that when I get home my homeless goats will be winging their way to his in-box before the end of the month deadline. You know what they say about preparedness meeting opportunity.

The amazing stuff continues.

Last night I was nearing the final touches to my piece and one of the instructors who saw the early roughed pencils but not much beyond that was making the rounds and stopped at my desk to see my progress. He said the actual words “Wow, oh wow!” This has always been the reaction I want my art to inspire. But to get such a response from someone as skilled and knowledgeable as my instructors is beyond my wildest dreams.

Then he said, “I want you to do a series of tarot cards just like this. Send them to me.”

Guess what I’ll be doing this summer?

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  1. Wendy, it’s absolutely incredible. Your *values* are spot on! Fabulous work. Now I expect you to sleep for a week and then it’s time to create more fantastic art.

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