Life sketching May 22 long pose

I’m pretty pleased with the result of the sketch group from Life sketching May 22. I still see a myriad of things I need to work on. Her head is too big, her torso too narrow, and her features to far down on her face. I still suck at feet, too.

I worked on Bristol Board for this because I had brought my paints along with me, since I thought I’s get to color. But even though I chose a 6B graphite stick, it was too hard and smeared a lot when I tried to erase it. I figured trying to add watercolor to the image would just result in mud and blech. So I skipped color.

I think the graphite sticks will go in the circular file and next time I’ll dig out my old pastels and use newsprint or sketch paper.

But the life sketch is not a total embarrassment.

These sessions are in south city, so the drive is under an hour, which helps.

Can’t wait for next week.