New web site art – cooking with Momma

I’ve been hard at work painting the last few days.

Cooking with Momma is an image of two bears making chocolate chip cookies from scratch.

As with any young cook (and sometimes an older one) the batter splashes out of the bowl after a too vigorous stir.

Momma admonishes Baby bear to be more careful.

Baby bear answer that she will try.

Painting images is labor intensive for me, and as result not many other creative things make it off the back burner.

Sometimes I berate myself for not doing the Daily Doodle Challenge, but then I remember the whole point of the challenge is to make sure I am making some kind of art every day. The doodles are for the times when I am not creating something else, or when I need a playful warm-up session with no pressure. I do tend to put a lot of pressure on myself.