New Year New Creatures

It’s a new year. (duh) January arrived rather quietly for us at home, although the weather provided for a bit of excitement and distraction. A tornado (or several) touched down in several close by towns. It skirted around us as it usually does, but the light and sound show was amazing. My husband took his camera out afterward to capture the rainbow that bridged the sky in a necklace of light.

We didn’t deviate from our plan to visit Borders, even though it was in one of the towns hit and on the news. The area was reported to be contained in a few block radius, so we proceeded as planned.

Our favorite sushi restaurant was at the edge of the taped off area. Its roof had been impaled with a 2×4. The parking lot and the road in front were include in the blocked off area. Many emergency vehicles and flashing lights could still be seen from where we were. My heart goes out to the people and businesses who lost their property.

We had dinner in one of those surf and turf chains then went on to Borders.

The Dr Who DVD we went in search of was not available there. We poked around for a little while but the post holiday shelving had a well picked over look. I hope it was only because of the recent gift giving frenzy and not a change in stocking policies.

We came home, watched bad king fu movies and played Facebook games. I drew a bit then fell asleep reading my book before midnight. Mostly an uneventful arrival for the brand new year.

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