Off to a running start -NOT

I had planned to add something to this blog on a daily basis. Unfortunatley the world usually has other things in mind when you make plans. Sometime on Saturday night, a bulletin board that I provide as a community service was hacked.

I spent what spare time I had Sunday, trying to block out the hacker and figuring out how to fix the minor damage. I am somewhat programming challenged, so when I finally fixed it, I patted myself on the back and figured that was the end of it. A wasted Sunday was no big deal.

Monday I worked on getting together a couple of logos that needed finalizing, doing bookkeeping and writing a couple of book reviews. (I have yet to get them posted, but that’s for next week) Then I went to look at my BB. The hacker was back and was more invasive than the first time. I deleted the BB software from the site. The I set about recreating the site on a new host, complete with a new, hopefully, hack resistant bulletin board interface. I have pointed the URL to the new DNS, so all I can do now is wait and hope people come back after a week off-line.

Yesterday I spent all day, till 3 PM anyway, updating and compiling my mailing list for a postcard mailing. I got that all done and off to the post office with 5 minutes to spare before closing time! May the offers of work come pourin in!

This evening I heard from my editor. Her words are “You are officially a published author now. How cool is that?”

Tommorow it is off to graphic design land at my part time “day job” 🙂

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