Patreon Rewards for October 2016 posted for Willie’s Rescue

Patreon rewards for October 2016 posted today.

I’m deep in the middle of the sketches for my coloring book. Llewellyn
had a marketing and sales meeting last week and there has been a name
change. What we had been calling “Color Your Wishes,” will now have the
name “Color and Conjure.” I’ve passed the third way mark. My plan is to
crank out the rest of the sketches this month. Wish me luck.

The upcoming image for the next reward issue will be in my Art Nouveau style.

I’m calling it “Secret Wind.” It’s my take on the public domain story of Septimus Septimusson. It’s a short story in the book by E. Nesbit entitled “Magic World.” http://ia902702.us.archive.org/13/items/magic_world_rg_librivox/magicworld_05_nesbit.mp3

Basically, the hero of the story, Septimus Septimusson, is the seventh son of the seventh son and can hear the wind. The wind convinces him to take his father’s fishing boat and go off into the world to see his fortune. Among his adventures he talks to the animals, saves people and is the epitome of the heroic poor man.

Toward the end of the story, he meets the love of his life, an enchanted princess who has been struck deaf, dumb and blind by an evil magician. He sets out to capture and slay the wizard to restore his princess love to health. Which, of course, he accomplishes in short order and gets to marry the princess and become the SIL of the king. And his parents get to move in with him. A happy ending for all. Except the now dead magician.

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Patreon Rewards for October 2016 posted include a coloring page, desktop wallpapers, coupons for discounts off of my entire print/book shop and open edition art prints. Join now!