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Patreon rewards March 2017 – Titania Watercolor

Patreon rewards MarchPatreon rewards March are up for my wonderful patrons.
Color & Conjure is almost complete. I received the (hopefully) last few editorial comments for revisions last night. I think there are a few minor tweaks to 3 or 4 images and a major redo for one illustration. It will be the 4th go round on this particular page. But if it mean getting everything just right, I’m happy to do it. The book looks amazing in pdf form and I haven’t seen anything but the illustrations. There is still the other half of the book with all the accompanying text. As far as I know, this is the first coloring book of its kind. SO EXCITED.
It was 80°F yesterday and today there is snow on the ground. No wonder the entire city is hacking and wheezing. At least I’m in good company.
I found another part-time temporary job to increase my income streams. I’m part of a stable of artists for a Canadian company sourcing tattoo art to individuals who want something custom. A lot of work for not much pay, but it’s something I can do without too much stress and no commute or misbehaving kids.
Up next for my Patreon patrons — thank you so much for your support — Baba Yaga’s house.