Patreon rewards posted September 2017 – Teacup Dragon

Patreon rewards posted September 2017 are on their way to my lovely supporters.

New patrons this month are:
Bob Walkama
Magnolia Fern Studios


Their generous support is inching me closer to my next goal. Please join them. Watch art works in progress, get rewards like the Patreon rewards posted September 2017, and feel good about supporting the arts.

To get your own copy of the Teacup Dragon, visit my shop. Both prints and the original are available.

In the works

I’ve been working feverishly behind the scenes on several projects. My wonderful agent, Natalie Lakosil, announced some wonderful news, which has lit a fire under me to get her 2 new book dummies I have in the works.

Color & Conjure came out early last month. There were a few hiccups getting my author copies, but I have them now. The book is BEAUTIFUL. And it’s hit an Amazon top 100 list several times since release.

Color and Conjure book cover
Discover the Magic of Coloring with Intention More than a coloring book and more than a collection of spells. Color and Conjure is all about manifesting your desires with magic and creativity. Combining simple spells with enchanting symbolic imagery, this innovative book provides 50 spells with colorable images for love, money, protection, health, and much more.

Not so happy stuff

My faithful and loving cat is on his last legs. My heart hurts for him in his final hours. He is an old boy, at least 16 years old, if not more, so he’s had a full life. Here’s to a peaceful journey across the Rainbow Bridge for him. I will miss his running to greet me when I come home after being gone. He had a kind meow to all and anyone who came to visit and was a very talkative beast. My bard friend, S. J. Tucker, dubbed him as a musical cat because of all his assort noises.