Picture book deadline met for “The Story Circle”

Picture book deadline met! Well, almost. The deadline is in a few days and I’m finishing up the last few vignettes. The ones shown here are for the title page (little boy with umbrella) and for the back cover. (The watercolor set, which I haven’t started on.) These vignettes are stand-alone pieces, there is no matching spread art.

The art tally for this book is 12 spreads, 2 single pages, and 12 vignettes. The publisher is electing to use one of the interior images for the cover.

My picture book deadline met, yes, but The Story Circle has a release date of May 31, 2016. One thing that is absolutely essential in the book biz is patience. There is more waiting in this industry than any other outside of movies, I think.

Watch my blog for more information on this children’s book as it becomes available.

Now, I have to sleep for a week and decompress to get rid of my book brain induced fog.

Picture book deadline metThis is what my palette looks like. I seem to have gotten a handle on this full-time children’s book illustration gig. This is the only clean up needed. In the studio, that is. The rest of the house is in a bit of disarray. I’ll get to it after I sleep for that week.