Picture book WIP – model creation

As many of my writerly friends are aware, I have been revising and creating images for a new picture book work in progress.

Since I don’t have a petting zoo in my back yard, and most goats I’ve met dislike being clothed as if they are off to a Ren Faire, I decided I needed some “models.” I need reference models, mostly because I tend to illustrate my books with extreme points of view and research for photo reference of clothed goats is leaving a lot to be desired.

So I spent last Saturday playing with clay. The sloppy muddy, real dirt kind.

This is what I made.

WIP models ©Wendy Martin
Clockwise from lower right: baby goat, medium goat, great big goat, and sea goat.

I had them set away safe and sound until I took pictures for this post. Being a woman of awkwardness and flying elbows, I managed to knock baby goat off the dresser and onto the floor where he is currently a pile of dust. Guess what I’ll be doing again tomorrow?