Present pig coloring pages

pig coloring pagesClick on the small image of the coloring page image at the left to download your copy of the present pig coloring pages. New coloring pages are posted once a week on Monday afternoons.

My husband and I celebrated our holiday this weekend. With 4 adult children from our previous partners, three of whom are married, it’s easier to have our celebration on Solstice weekend than having the kids try to squeeze us into their Dec. 25th schedule of multiple parents and grandparents households. This way we get a nice calm, extended visit. This year the eldest daughter requested to see baby pictures of her brothers. There was plenty of squealing at the obligatory naked baby butt images. What is it with a bare baby bottom that makes it required photography material? Anyway, this pig’s bottom is completely covered. Have fun coloring!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Remember, I have decided to discontinue my weekly coloring pages at the end of 2013. The reasons are many and I am sorry to have come to this decision. I count on each of you, my wonderful readers and fans, to help support my work. Thank you so much for being a loyal reader.

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