Running a little behind…

I guess with all the activities that happen near the holidays I am running shorter on time than I realized. Last weekend was particularly busy with an art show opening and a book signing one day right after the other. So here it is another week’s gone by and I haven’t posted an update.

The art show reception went very well only traffic was light because the announcement cards went out so late due to my being ill for a week. Most folks received their postcards the day before or the day of the reception so had already made other plans.

On the other hand the book signing at Pathways was quite fun, and I did well in spite of dire weather predictions of sleet and freezing rain keeping people home. I was asked to return in the Spring when weather improves. That will be nice. The store was a bit on the chilly side because of the temps dropping on the outside.

Pathways Book Signing
Here is a picture of me with the shop keeper.

Late in the day we had loads of fun with a toddler who really was past due for a nap.