School started today.

My youngest has started sixth grade today. For the first time she will be walking home from school. Talk about your nervous mommies! It’s only 1/2 a mile but it will be the first time she’s done it on her own. I have adjusted my part time job’s hours so that I can race home to meet her here after school. I may be nuts come December!

I also went to my doctor today for some blood work (oh the joys of an aging body) and on the way in slipped in the entry hall. It was raining cats and dogs, so my shoes were wet and when they hit the linoleum my feet went out from under me. Fell on my knee. OW. But I was right back up and moving along. Of course, all things being equal, the doctor insisted I have Xrays of my knee taken. 8) They showed a perfectly healthy knee. Go figure.