September 2016 Patreon rewards posted – Pterodactyl Hatching

September 2016 Patreon rewards posted and it’s Labor Day. Summer is officially over according to the calendar. However, as it’s supposed to go up to 90°F this afternoon, I don’t think anyone mentioned this to the weather Gods.

September 2016 Patreon rewards posted

Pterodactyl Hatching for the September 2016 Patreon rewards posted today. It’s complete and is now gracing my agency’s shiny new illustrator page. Have a look, see at all the other cool illustrators who are my agency-mates. Bradford Literary launched the page a little over a week ago. http://www.bradfordlit.com/our-authors/illustrators/

I’ve received the editorial revisions from the publisher on my secret book project. Which is no longer secret. As soon as I speak with the publisher about how much of my work in progress I can share, I’ll be sharing.

The upcoming image for Patreon, which I’ve already posted a WIP for, will be gracing another postcard for an agency send. It’s a fun fall creation. Two new patrons have joined us in the last month. Both are wonderful artists in their own right. Please welcome Emily and Kat! Thanks ladies, for your support. This puts me past the halfway mark for the next goal level. Please consider adding your support as well. You can pledge as much or as little as you want and cancel at any time.

I’m itching to get back to my Art Nouveau Fantasy images. I’m open to suggestions on your favorite myths and fairy tales – especially those with heroic male types. Leave me a comment and tell me what your favorites are. I like to render the lesser known images, so forget about Hercules and Apollo, they are done so very much!

I’ve picked up a new logo client – Earthly Orchids – and am really excited about the creation of this piece. It’s perfect for a full-on Art Nouveau treatment. I’ll share the final here when it’s done.