Sneaking a look at Aidan’s book cover

Cover rough

I have been sketching out the perfect cover for my new book Aidan’s First Full Moon Circle I finally arrived at a sketch I am happy with today. I still see some tweaking I want to do but I will most likely be laying color this week. The book will be published as a hard cover volume. The size is a nice 8″ X 8″, small enough for tiny hands but still big enough for nice sized images. It’s past my bedtime, so I will keep this brief, since my brain tends to turn off around 9 PM most evenings.

Aidan and his parents have been solitary witches for as long as he can remember. At the rising of the Harvest Moon, his family is invited to a local coven’s Full Moon Esbat celebration. Aidan is jittery about joining a Circle full of strangers. While he is enjoying himself around the bonfire, the High Priestess and his mother cook up a plan to get him involved in the Harvest Moon ritual. Aidan learns he is an important member of the Pagan community. Plus, when reading the story, children can help Seamus the squirrel gather enough acorns for the coming winter by finding where they are hidden within the captivating illustrations. An enchanting, fictional tale of a Wiccan nighttime gathering, Aidan’s First Full Moon Circle will engage young readers with magical images while showing them what they can look forward to during an Esbat Circle.
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