Time marches on and leaves me in the dust!

So much has happened in the last several weeks I am not even sure where to start.

First there was Halloween, which I dutifully helped my daughter with her face paint and costume and took pictures off. That was as far as it got until last week when I finally had a chance to take the images off my digital camera and put them on my computer. I even managed to pritn out several copies. Ever since I upgraded to OS Tiger, downloading images from my camera has become a major chore. Seems the old camera and the new system are totally at odds. So I have to reboot my computer in the old OS 9 system to download the images and then reboot the system in the new OS X, well you get the jist of it, right?

Two weeks ago I was thrown for a loop when a dear freind suddenly took ill and died. She left behind a five year old son and her husband. I feel as if a piece of my heart has been torn out. I know that my life will not be affected greatly by her leaving but there is no person who knew me as long and as well as she did. There is a whole that can never be filled. I also grieve for the small family she left behind. Her biggest wish in life was to be a good mother, and she barely had gotten sarted. I wish I lived closer but we have been separated by half the country for 10 years now. I never met her son, and now never will.

Tomorrow brings my first in-store book signing. I got a panicked call from the shop owner today. Seems her shipment of my books never arrived from the wholesaler and won’t be delivered until mid week some time. Yikes. Luckily I had anticipated something like this and ordered some books to have on hand at the beginning of the month. I hope to do well at the book signing, but with another book signing next weekend and then two weekends afterwards, I may find myself in a bind very shortly, Can’t sign books with out there being any books to sign!

Oh and on November 17th, my interview with Wicked Podcast was uploaded. Lots of people have been looking at my book on line. And on amazon.com my book got a ranking of 76,000 something for a brief glorious moment. I am nervous and looking forward to this Spring when I start giving workshops.