earth day coloring page

Trash collecting turtles coloring page for Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22.

A lot of people go out and do special earth-centric things or visit events during this time. Not me. I do my best to follow a green way of life on a daily basis. I compost, we’re about to harvest the first fresh veggies of the year from our tiny garden. Spinach, parsley and oregano are just about ready to start plucking and adding to our meals. Yum.

We rarely fill our one trash can for weekly pick-up. And most of the plastics, metals and papers go into a special container for city recycle pick-up. Clothing we no longer wear or want gets donated to charity, as well as household goods that still function.

I do own a car, but since I work from home, a tank of gas can last a month or so. My husband commutes to work, but we replaced his older car with a new super gas efficient model. 40 mpg, I believe.

I’m sure there is more I could be doing, but all things being equal, living in a small town with limited resources for green living can be more challenging than effective. I’d love to raise my own chickens, or have a small herd of goats, but city ordinances ban all farm animals (even as pets) from here. My neighbor had a pet duck. She had it lead trained and kept it indoors unless she was out while it took a dip in a wading pool in her backyard. She had to get rid of it.

What types of green living do you engage in your daily life?
earth day coloring pageEnjoy the coloring page and please share with anyone you think might like it as well.

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