Vector Your Kidlit Art 6-week Adobe Illustrator Class

6-week Adobe Illustrator ClassWow! What an amazing turn out we had for the free Adobe Illustrator for Illustrators seminar last Tuesday night.

An hour was barely long enough to even scratch the surface of all the wonderful and powerful tools AI has to offer. As mentioned in the webinar, I am teaching an in-depth 6-week Adobe Illustrator class. It will be held live, on-line starting next Tuesday, January 28, 2014. Sign up here: http://illustratechildrensbooks.com/wendy-martin-on-illustrator-2/

In the class, I will walk you through the basics of creating your own personal children’s art illustration, perfect for adding to your portfolio or use as a promotional postcard. I will show you my tips and tricks on getting a rich and full narrative illustration. As seen during the webinar, there are a multitude of artistic styles used by professional illustrators. The 6-week Adobe Illustrator Class will open up this powerful digital tool to you in pursuit of your own personal style.

View the recording we made of the free webinar.

Some of the questions I’ve been asked about the 6-week Adobe Illustrator Class:

  1. Do I need a stylus and tablet? No, you don’t. Some of the tools I will demonstrate and explain require the tablet because of pressure sensitivity. Others do not. I used AI for many years with just a mouse.
  2. I can’t make the meeting time. Can I still take the class? Yes! We will be recording each session during the live broadcast. These recordings will be available to everyone who signs up. Work on the lessons at your own pace at the time best for you. The only thing you’ll give up by missing the live sessions is being able to have your questions answered as I demonstrate.
  3. I don’t have Adobe Illustrator. Can I use a different program. If you have another program that uses VECTOR graphics, you can try and follow along. There are several. However, I don’t have them, have never used them and won’t be able to coach you in their specific tools and user interface. FWIW Photoshop is a raster program. So is Painter. Vector art has the wonderful capability of being scale able without having to worry about DPI.

Here is an almost completed piece I have made in Adobe Illustrator. All the neat effects are vector.

sample art for 6-week Adobe Illustrator Class