Weekly Picture book reads for Jan 6-12

Top Pick this week:

Young Adult Book

Wonder Horse: Based on a true story. Visually enticing and a good story.
Don’t Read This Book: Interesting idea, but I found the book rude and annoying.
Ten Little Hippos: Typical counting book, nicely done.
Farfellina and Marcel: Outwardly a story about friendship. Deeper layer shows how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly and a gosling becomes a goose. Sweet and fluffy.
Lazy Little Loafers: Big sister story. Another book I found rude and annoying.
Molly and the Magic Wishbone: Very sweet rendition of a fairy tale with a fairy godmother. Old fashioned style art that was enticing.
The Girl with Borrowed Wings: A really engrossing story about a girl coming of age and recognizing her own identity. Definitely read.