What I’ve been working on

Rox and his rabbit steed
Spring 2011 Postcard mailer

I started this a while ago and have been chipping away at it for several weeks in between other projects.

One of the problems of being a freelance illustrator is that when you are busy with paying work, you don’t have time for self promotion. Since I have taken this year off from book touring for health reasons, I have suddenly found “extra” time I haven’t had in the last 5 years of traveling across the country.

Until you are actually doing it, you have no idea how incredibly draining constant travel can be. But that is another story all together.

Since I now have all kinds of gobs of time (insert maniacal laughter here) I have ramped up my artistic output. Along with moving my coloring page schedule from monthly to weekly, I am also renewing my self promotional efforts. Part two of this plan was (and is) to create and mail a quarterly postcard.

This brave heroine on her trusty steed is the first promo piece to be completed in 2011.

There will be some black and white line work on the reverse side of the postcard. The address side. I just have to decide which of my pieces I want to include.

I had fun with this, I hope it shows!