Yesterday’s News

I started off Thursday like any other day.

That is I booted up my MAC and checked e-mail before having a bowl of cereal.

July has bee a quiet month e-mail wise. All except for the hundreds of SPAM messages I get on an almost hourly basis. So needless to say, once I weeded out the SPAM, I didn’t have much to look at.

Once I checked e-mail and completed my morning ritual of breakfast and grooming, it was time to get down to business. That meant doing the billing and correspondence. I always manage to put this off until all the fun stuff is done, but all things being equal, I’d let it slide as long as possible. The one bit of correspondence that is blog worthy was the letter I sent to the local buyer for Borders Books. I sent her the information about my children’s book An Ordinary Girl, A Magical Child which is being printed by the publisher now and should be ready by mid month in August.

I spent a few hours working on a T-shirt border design in a “unisex” floral. My husband declared it “neat” when I showed him later that evening.

On a personal note, we took the elder son, his girl-friend and the younger daughter to see “Jesus Christ Superstar” at the MUNY last night. I think all of us had fun. Although it is hard to tell with the youngest child. She has gotten so very moody in the last year.